Grow Pricing Plans

Grow pricing is based on several factors. These include; data size, required update frequency, user counts, and customization requests. Grow is extremely adaptable, but that adaptability means it can be an ideal fit with a broad range of use cases. However, since each use case is unique, it's difficult to advertise rates for their software. Grow doesn't currently advertise pricing on their website. Each Grow project is scoped with an individual customer's requirements in mind. To learn more or to schedule a meeting with a member of Grow's sales team, please submit a free trial request form on their website.

Grow Review Summary

Most Common Pros and Cons
Summarized from 396 Customer Reviews
  • Users like how many data sources are available for connecting in Grow.
  • Several users mentioned how easy it is to create impactful and relevant charts and graphs.
  • Users like Grow’s customer support.
  • Users want a better mobile version.
  • There is a learning curve in understanding how to use the tool
  • A few users found that Grow can be slow when processing large data sets.