• What You Need To Know About Embedded Analytics

    What is embedded analytics? 

    For one reason or another, users may not want to log into their BI tool to see their data. Whether it’s due to time constraints, wanting to limit access, or just plain laziness, many users would prefer to see their data on their own site or app, without having to go through their BI tool. Embedded analytics is how that’s done. It’s a general term used for any method that lets users build data visualizations, powered by their BI software of choice, into a non-BI site or application. 

    What kinds of embedded analytics are there? 

    Generally, it’s possible to build embedded analytics that fit any use case, but some common applications are - 

    Reporting Tools: Many companies find it useful to see and analyse basic data without having to go through their BI software. If you find that you’re constantly logging in to your BI tool to check the same two or three statistics, it might be a good idea to just build those statistics into your site. 

    Benchmarking: To keep up with data in real time, it’s better to just have the data you want to track as part of your everyday workflows rather than constantly tabbing over to your BI tool the whole time. See how the data you’re collecting stacks up against past data.

    Data Visualization: It can be easy to tell other people in your organization about the implications of your data, but it’s much more useful to show them. With embedded analytics, you can build graphs and charts into your site, so everyone is more informed about the data. 

    Write-back: It can be very useful to give employees the ability to plug info into your BI tool right from a site or app. Pulling data into your BI tool is just as important as pulling it out. 

    Mobile Reporting: An employee who’s traveling or working in a remote location might not be able to get to a desktop to open a BI tool. While many BI tools are available in mobile versions, building tools into a mobile app or service the company already uses might be a better choice. 

    How can embedded analytics help my business? 

    Creative use of embedded analytics can solve many different problems, and improve almost any workflow. 

    Embedded analytics can improve communication. A nationwide company might want to share company-wide data with franchisees in real time. Rather than have every manager in the company logging into the same BI instance, the company can build that data into a tool like a POS or company-branded app that managers use everyday. 

    Embedded analytics can save time and simplify workflows. If employees know what data they need from your BI tool, and need that data frequently, it’s a waste of time having them log in and root around in the actual software every time. By rolling data into workflow tools that your employees are already using, everyone can work quickly and efficiently. 

    Embedded analytics can improve customer relationships. Building these tools into public-facing applications can help drive more sales, improve customer satisfaction, and collect valuable feedback about your business.