Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise is a seamless embedded business intelligence platform that provides BI reporting, interactive dashboards, scheduling, and distribution tools within any internal or commercial app. With easy-to-use designers, designed for self-service BI, Wyn offers limitless visual data exploration, a...
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Wyn Enterprise is a seamless embedded business intelligence platform that provides BI reporting, interactive dashboards, scheduling, and distribution tools within any internal or commercial app. With easy-to-use designers, designed for self-service BI, Wyn offers limitless visual data exploration, allowing the everyday user to become data-driven while revealing trends and telling the story behind the data.

Whether for your business or your commercial SaaS app, Wyn is an ideal solution for both. Embedded BI for your business provides a holistic view of your business and can lead to more insights, increased team collaboration, and overall business growth. Additionally, embedding Wyn in your SaaS app provides white-label reports and dashboards as part of your own app. Embed Wyn and empower your users with a seamless business intelligence solution.

Wyn Enterprise features:

• Seamlessly embedded Business Intelligence: Designed for embedded self-service BI, Wyn provides ad hoc reporting, interactive dashboards, scheduling, and distribution tools within any internal or commercial app. Our platform offers flexible deployment and integration.

• Embedding BI with Wyn: Once installed, Wyn is 100% web-based. In your application, Wyn is embedded as a port to provide users the ability to easily create, design, share, export, and distribute dashboards and documents. Seamlessly embed Wyn via Rest API and DIV. Wyn also supports OEM installation and embedding. Additionally, you can integrate with development platforms such as Java, PHP, and .NET through GraphQL API. You can also embed inside customized .NET apps as well as JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue).

• Self-service BI dashboard and reports: Eliminate your dependence on the IT departments and data analysts. Offer every end-user (from code-first to code-free) the ability to create custom ad hoc reports and interactive dashboards. Self-service BI allows users to run their own queries and create their own reports, even if they don’t have a background in statistical analysis, allowing them to turn data into valuable insights for better data driven decisions.

•Data Monitoring: Create threshold based notifications and establish Wyn Alerts that are always on to monitor your data. Never miss an opportunity for improvement thanks to real-time monitoring and instant alerts. Integrate your push-notifications with the platform you use everyday - Slack, MS Teams, or email - ensuring that you never miss an alert.

•Localization Support: With Custom Localization Support, you’re in control of your dashboard and report. Authors have the ability to localize titles and labels, text explanations, and data visualizations. There is more to localization than just translating words and sentences. Wyn’s custom localization also supports rRight to left (RTL) languages, regional language options, and number and date formats.

• Built-in multi-tenant support: Wyn's multi-tenant capabilities provides a single centrally administered architecture to serve multiple customers (tenants). These tenants can be within an organization or different businesses, with all its data stored in the SaaS system. Data privacy and securing the data from other tenants are both critical in these deployment scenarios.

• Date governance and modeling: Wyn allows you to secure and model your raw data. With easy-to-use dashboard and report designers in the same web-based application, end-users can develop their own ad-hoc dashboards and reports based on the secured data. Wyn also allows allows admins to model business data in a structure familiar to users.

• Extensible security: Wyn provides extensible security to match your access control needs. Filter and segregate your data and limit your tenant-specific data with the configurable role-based security and user-context definitions. User contexts provide row-level data security in a document or database-level security for a data source. User context acts as an additional layer of data security, extending the role-based security.

• Specialized web portals: The software comes with three portals, the document portal; for business end-users, dashboard, and report authors, the admin portal; for admins that configure the server, manage account and security settings, and the resource portal; for data administrators or IT teams.

• Pixel-perfect reports: For power users and business users, the report designer tools can help in developing pixel-perfect operational reports, as well as in creating invoices, letters, and account statements among many others. The software further allows you to use ad hoc reporting or the standard enterprise reports.

• Efficient Report Sharing: The software also allows you to schedule automated delivery of reports to be sent to your team’s emails. File sharing in various document formats is also supported. Additionally, you can collaborate with your team on report and dashboard designs, and you can share the published versions with others in your enterprise.

• Centralized storage; Apart from being a secured platform, Wyn Enterprise also provides centralized storage for all your reports, images, datasets, and configuration settings. Other server resources, such as dashboards, themes, models, users, and roles, are also stored in the same place. The software also allows you to compile data from relational databases, local Excel or CSV files, web sources, and NoSQL data sources.

Say Goodbye to User Fees

You need a scalable BI platform. You also need to know how much it will cost in the long run. Wyn's scalable licensing model allows room for your business to grow without growth in licensing fees.

• No per-user fees
• No limits on data size

20+ Years in the Industry
Unleash the full potential of embedded ad hoc reporting, driven by the same ActiveReports engine that has led the industry for 20+ years.
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  • Supported Languages
    English, Chinese, Polish
  • Company Website

    Wyn Enterprise

  • Suitable Business Sizes
    Small, Medium, Large
  • Platform
    Web Based, Windows/Installed
  • Training Available
    Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support Available
    Business Hours, Online Chat, Online Resources, Phone Support, Email Support

Wyn Enterprise Features

Access Control
Active Directory Integration
Activity Tracking
Ad hoc Query
Ad hoc Reporting
API Management
Application Integration
Application Security
Automatic Reminders
Big Data Management
Collaboration Tools
Collaborative Workspace
Custom Applications
Customizable Reporting
Dashboard Creation
Data Connectors
Data Extraction
Data Filtering
Data Import/Export
Data Science Tools
Data Synchronization
Data Transformation
Data Visualization
Data Warehousing
Drag & Drop Interface
Drill Down Capability
Federated Queries
Filtered Views
Instant Messaging
Mobile Alerts
Mobile App
Multiple Data Sources
No Code Required
Offline Access
On-Premise Deployment
Performance Reports
Permission Management
Predictive Analytics
Process Automation
Project Management
Real Time Notifications
Real Time Reporting
Risk Alerts
Single Sign On
SSL Security
Third Party Integration
Trend Analysis
Workflow Management

Pricing Plans

Wyn’s flat-fee licensing model allows you to budget for BI licensing fees in your client projects accurately, without escalating licensing fees. Server-based licensing allows you to scale your business and the user base — with no additional cost.

Wyn Enterprise is available on a by-quote basis. For more details on the pricing plans, please contact sales.

•No per-user fees
•No data limitations

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