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Domo offers a 30-day free trial. This trial gives access to all of Domo's features, and doesn't carry any obligation to purchase Domo later on. All Domo needs is a business email; they won't ask for a credit card or other payment details. To sign up for the trial and learn more about how to use Domo, click here. 

This trial is fully-featured; businesses that use the free trial to check out Domo will have access to all the same tools and features that they'll have access to if they later decide to buy Domo. This ensures that businesses can get an actual idea of what their Domo workflows might look like. 

No one wants to buy a product when they're not actually sure what it can do. In Domo's free trial, nothing is locked behind a paid plan, and there aren't any features in the trial that aren't in the actual product. Businesses can get a clear, unbiased idea of how Domo works and what it's like to use. 

Signing up for Domo's free trial doesn't mean you have to transition to a paid plan once your month is up. The free trial doesn't obligate a business to keep using Domo in the future. It's intended to be a low-commitment way to try out Domo and compare it to other business intelligence tools. 

Most businesses will want to try out a few different BI tools before they figure out which one to buy. Domo's free trial doesn't have any commitment, so businesses are free to let their 30 days run out and never touch Domo again. If a business uses Domo's trial period, and decides Domo isn't working for them, that's the trial working as intended. Better to know that Domo isn't the right tool for you before you spend any money on implementation. 

Free trials like Domo's help businesses to get a feel for the software they want to buy before they make a purchase. Without a trial period, businesses have to buy blindly, not knowing whether or not the software they're buying will actually do what they want it to.

With Domo's free trial, businesses can see exactly what Domo is like to use before they even start talking to sales. None of Domo's features are locked off behind the paid version, so businesses can use Domo in the same exact way they will if they later buy Domo. 

The free trial gives users access to all of Domo's connectors and integrations. For a business intelligence tool, it's very important that it connects to all of the software on its business's stack. BI tools aggregate all the data from all the pieces of software that a business uses and collects it all into one place. Without good integrations with the other software that it's supposed to communicate with, a BI tool can't pull all the data it needs to.

With the free trial, a business can see whether Domo has the integrations that it needs to communicate with the rest of their software. Domo has hundreds of connectors and integrations, but there's always the chance that it might not integrate with something, especially if that software is niche or proprietary. 

For the most part, though, Domo will usually have all the connectors that a business could need. Domo connects to basically every major piece of business software, tools like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Trello, and Quickbooks. It connects to most productivity software, like Google Docs and Microsoft Office, as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Businesses don't need to play a guessing game to figure out whether Domo integrates with their entire stack or not. With the free trial, they can see exactly how Domo connects to other software. If there's a problem with an integration, they can know ahead of time so it's not a shock when they start to implement. 

In the free trial, businesses can load their actual data into Domo, and analyze it however they want.  They don't have to use some preloaded data set with dummy entries. Users can see how Domo performs on the data they're actually going to be using. They can even use the free trial to draw insight from their data, without paying Domo a cent. 

Businesses can also use Domo's free trial to make sense of its data visualization and dashboarding tools. Domo's visualization tools are fairly intuitive, but it can help users to interact with them first-hand to see whether they make a good fit for their business. With the free trial, users get a month to familiarize themselves with Domo's systems and toolsets before implementation actually begins. For those worried about training their staff on Domo, this extra time is invaluable. 

Domo has some of the most powerful visualization tools in the business intelligence space today, and the free trial gives businesses access to the entire suite. Users can create dashboards and visualizations from their own data. They don't have to use pre-made templates or mess around with a few example visualizations; they can get right to work and design the dashboards and visualizations they actually want to use. 

The free trial also gives businesses access to Domo's app store. With user-created custom apps, businesses can use Domo to do even more. Companies can build on top of Domo, which gives them more freedom in how to use it. Through the app store, businesses can simplify their workflows, implement simple and common analytical packages without much work, and add additional functionality to Domo's analytical suite. 

Domo also offers product demos to show users how to use the software. With a combination of the free trials and personalized demos offered by Domo support, those interested in using Domo for their business or non-profit can become experts on the software before they even start the purchasing process. 

For more information on Domo's product demos, read our full report on them here or reach out to Domo themselves to schedule one here

In general, Domo's free trial is a great option for learning more about Domo before you make any purchasing decisions. It lets businesses see exactly how they'll use Domo if they were to buy. 

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